About Ink Works

We design and make furniture, tableware, signage, stationery and much more, inspired by the arts of craft and manufacturing, made with high quality, traditional materials.

Our products celebrate the parts that made up the whole, the cogs at the heart of the machine, the craftspeople behind the processes.

We make both our own ideas and your ideas. Inspired by the original, elegant processes behind craft and manufacturing; we conceive, design and make everything from Fortescue Drums and Sober Stools to Tusk Lamps and Gear Sets. To make your ideas we offer a spectrum of bespoke production services from basic prototyping through to realisation, for everything from accessories to whole environments.

Our clients include Bacardi, England Preserves, Morro, William Grant & Sons, Arabica, The Balvenie, Nigella Lawson and Yotam Ottolenghi.

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